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Video production is a process that encompasses many different tasks. Whether we’re producing videos for your company’s marketing or looking to create personal memories, the process is the key. So what does the video production process entail? This page will explore each step that goes into making a high-quality, magical video.


Script Development

A great script is the foundation to a great video – the blueprint to build a compelling story. Collaboration is the key – RPM will work with you to take your ideas and turn them into a production-ready script.


A great project is a mix of technology, experience, and talent. RPM uses some of the best equipment available, brings over 20 years of experience, and is on the forefront of the latest techniques. A cinematic approach will give you beautiful images paired with a storyteller’s approach to content.

Audio Recording

A great soundtrack brings life and depth to your project. RPM makes that happen with professional audio recording in the field and in the studio, innovative music, as well as professional voiceovers as needed.


Video Editing

Our talented editors will take all of your footage and edit it into an engaging movie that tells your company’s story visually with flawless transitions and timely cuts. After your videos are edited, we’ll make sure they’re optimized for web distribution and designed to look great on any device!

Motion Graphics

RPM can create motion graphics to complement your project and give it an elegant, professional look. We will work closely with you on the tone of these animations so they match perfectly with what is going on in the rest of your video.

Audio Editing

Audio can be every bit as important as video to capture the feel our clients are after. RPM offers professional audio editing, mixing, and music. From basic to advanced levels so you can make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

Color Correction & Grading

RPM can polish your footage with color grading to give it the right look for a particular audience. We will work closely with you on what type of mood and feel we are going for in order to be sure that all aspects of filmmaking come together seamlessly.



Lighting & Equipment

Robertson Professional Media uses the latest equipment to bring your images to life. Lighting is the key to a great image. We understand the important of using the correct lighting .

Photography Session

A great photo session starts well before the subject steps in front of the lights and camera. Robertson Professional Media will work with you to understand your vision. We can discuss location and background, lighting and wardrobe. We want to be your partner in creating the best images possible.

Post Production

Details matter – both during the photo session and in photo editing. We take the time to correct the little details to make your images stand out.