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Social media video production is the art of producing engaging videos for social media marketing campaigns. The videos can feature information about your brand’s mission, vision, products, services, and more.

As the marketing trends continue to evolve, businesses are increasingly supporting videos over other forms of content. This is because video content fetches 1200% more shares than the joint shares of text and image-based content. According to the same source, viewers remember 95% of the message delivered through a video. On the other hand, reading a promotional text only helps them remember 10% of it. Considering all this, investing in social media video production will take your brand to the next level.

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Creating Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

People Prefer Video Content

HubSpot study states that people prefer watching videos over reading emails, newsletters, blog posts, and PDF content. When a user goes online to buy a specific product or service, the first thing they do is visit the company’s social media profiles to check the reviews and watch its promotional videos. Therefore, by incorporating videos in your social medial profiles or marketing campaigns, you can provide users with what they want. This will improve their understanding of your brand, making them more likely to buy from you.

Google LOVES Videos

Using videos in your marketing campaigns is also a great way to up your Google search rankings. When your social pages or website feature video content, people spend more time viewing it. This is known as dwell time, and it is a crucial Google ranking factor.

Typically, pages with higher dwell time show up among the top search results, improving the traffic on your website and, ultimately, sales.

Videos Build Trust

Video content is ideal for educating users about your brand. It conveys your messages to the target audience seamlessly and helps you earn people’s trust. Both of these factors are essential to influence your audience’s decision-making, as 90% of online buyers say that they prefer to put their trust in companies that have product videos on their social profiles.

Video Content Generates More Views

Video content is engaging, relevant, and more likely to go viral. 92% of online users share enjoyable videos with their loved ones. This is exactly why you see billions of views of media videos and only a few thousand reactions on textual or image-based content.

So, if you have been searching for the perfect channel to showcase what your company is all about, then you can’t go wrong with video content. Just make sure to keep it as exciting, informative, and humorous as possible to get the results you are looking for.

Why Use A Pro?

There are tons of benefits of hiring professional assistance for your social media video production. Let’s look at the most valuable ones.


Professional Skills

Video production companies know what it takes to create a video that sells. They aren’t your typical backyard videographers. They have carefully assembled crews, with each team member having vast experience in working on digital media projects. You can always expect the best from these professionals.


High Quality Workmanship

Hiring professional assistance always promises that you will get high-quality work. Post-production crew performs various edits and analyze every single detail until everything is just right. This is why full-service video production teams are in high demand.



Video production companies have a deadline-oriented schedule and a set of guidelines. This ensures timely delivery of your project. Also, the company you hire will stay in touch with you throughout the video-making process, allowing you to make the necessary changes before the final delivery.

Why Robertson Professional Media?

While there are so many reasons you should hire us, these are the ones we are the proudest of:

Quick Turnaround

Working with us means you get a fast turnaround. This is good news if you plan to utilize the video sooner because it gives you the freedom to pay attention to other vital aspects of your business while we take care of your video production worries.


You might be surprised to know that outsourcing your video needs can save you a big chunk of money.  That’s right! Making a video requires costly equipment and software licenses that everyone cannot afford. Fortunately, RPM already has all the necessary equipment to save you extra costs. With our video production company, we only charge you a set, one-time fee.

Supreme Expertise

We utilize ideal lighting, graphics, editing, studio space, director, and even professional actors to create a flawless video at Robertson Professional Media. Managing all these aspects on your own isn’t viable, especially if you’ve never produced a video before. On the other hand, our professional video production company has the experience and expertise to perform these tasks seamlessly.

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