Communication Matters – Lesson 1

Jul 7, 2022 | Video Production | 0 comments

You, like everyone else in this world must communicate in some form or fashion to meet your basic needs. Think about our first attempts to communicate. As babies, we cry to be fed, to be changed, to be soothed and to sleep. Some of us cry more than others. Am I right? Fortunately, we humans move beyond this first form of communication. Hi, I’m Nikita Reed and this is my friend and colleague, Sarah Bishop.

When we talk about communicating, we typically think about using words verbally or in writing. Yes, we communicate in those ways, but we also communicate with body language, with the tone of our voice, the expression on our faces. We use all those methods to communicate about our joy, our sadness, and pain, our frustrations, and confusion, our hopes and dreams.

So how we communicate makes the real difference in how we truly connect with others, get what we need and help others get what they need as well. There’s a lot that goes into communication, and that’s why we’re bringing you this course. Good communication matters in your personal relationships, in your casual relationships, in the workplace. We’re going to help you learn to communicate better in many areas that are relevant to your work. This course will make a positive difference in how you communicate with your coworkers, your clients, your supervisor, and the people you supervise. We’ll give you the tools and tips that you can use right away to make your workday more pleasant, more productive, and help you better serve Arkansas. I’m here to give you a sneak peek of the lessons in this course. Your agency has partnered with the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas to bring you this course designed just for you.

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